Cloud Computing for Workforce Housing Reservations

How It Works

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The VICTUS Model: Partner Properties, Corporate Accounts, & Contracted Providers

VICTUS is a subscriber service. This means that users must be registered with Orissa Software Inc. to use VICTUS.

  • Partner Properties are the various remote workforce housing facilities that are available for booking using VICTUS.
  • Corporate Accounts are registered users who are the owners of these Partner Properties.
    • Corporate Account users can make room requests and reservations for their own workers or allow Contracted Providers to make the same.
  • Contracted Providers are companies who contract their services to the Corporate Account and who require accommodations at their Partner Properties. Quite often, Partner Properties, themselves, are managed and maintened by a Contracted Provider.

To become a Corporate Account subscriber with a Partner Property, click

Corporate Accounts

To become a Contracted Provider subscriber, click

Contracted Providers

Software as a Service (SaaS)

VICTUS is a centrally hosted application using web-based connections to reach out to remotely located databases. These remote databases reside at each of the workforce housing Partner Properties that subscribe to VICTUS services. When room requests and reservations are made, they are made live at each and received instantly by the Housing Office at each Partner Property.

This means that you are able to make requests and reservations, review the status of your requests, and edit or cancel reservations, at multiple Partner Properties, all from a single source...VICTUS!

  • No more paperwork between your company and a lodging facility
  • Instant access to the status of requests & reservations
  • Anywhere access to create or change a request or reservation
  • Instant email notification of your bookings

Using Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become the latest term used to describe the delivery of software usage using the internet. It is an extension of SaaS in that it joins multiple computing infrastructures across our Partner Properties. This makes it possible to have localized data at each Partner Property available for use at a central location without actually having the data at that central location.


VICTUS requires you to have Internet Explorer 7 or higher. Once you have logged into VICTUS, you may be prompte dto download add-ins to your Internet Explorer that VICTUS uses to improve speed or functionality.